Americans are carrying Student Debt
Average cost of college tuition
Of students will change their majors 2-3 times
Of students will walk away from their faith in college

About 360

The 360 Experience is an 8-month DTS (Discipleship Training School) through YWAM

(Youth With A Mission) alongside a local church internship. Designed

as a Gap-Year program, 360 is a place for young adults to experience personal

discipleship, gain a Global perspective, and sharpen their Biblical worldview.


Applicants must be 18-25 and have graduated high school or received a GED. The total cost of Tuition is $6500, which covers all housing, food, transportation, and materials needed for the Lecture and Internship Phase. Costs for Outreach are determined by location, dates, and flight tickets, and currency exchange. We try to keep the total cost around $3500, but keep in mind this is a ballpark estimate and not a final figure. In order to apply, a $25 processing fee is required.


Our schooling is comprised of three different phases. During the first three months–The Lecture Phase– students will gain perspective on who they are as an individual, who God is, and what He is doing in this world today. Throughout the next three months, students will get to intern with local pastors, be involved in community ministry, and learning to take ownership of their faith in applying what they learn to everyday life. The latter phase will be the overseas outreach during which students will travel to an unreached region of the world and reach the lost for Jesus. 

Student Life

During their time with us, students will live in dorm-style housing with their fellow peers and staff, while also being greatly involved in the local church with which they will be interning. Students will gain insight to how various ministries are run as well as how to incorporate worship, prayer, and Bible reading to their daily lifestyle. Student Life will vary depending upon the location when it comes to housing and local community life. Housing, food, and transportation are all included in the Tuition Fees.