Each 360 Location offers different housing situations, but housing and food are provided for every student and are built in to the cost of 360.


360 Maine – Students stay at beach houses located about 10 minutes from the church. 360 staff supervise the house and oversee the students weekly house responsibilities and meal preparation. 360Victoria – Students stay in a dorm located on the campus of Faith Family Church. Built specifically for 360, this dorm is a beautiful and convenient location for 360 students.


Meals and snacks are provided by the 360 staff. Students also take part in meal prep and clean up, and we consider this to be an important part of community living. Students eat meals together with staff, weekly speakers, and pastors. Discipleship happens while we live life together, not only in the classroom, and eating meals together is one of the best places for that to happen. We believe in providing healthy and tasty meals for students to eat. While we do have occasional desserts, we hope to establish healthy patterns for students to take with them beyond 360.