A Boring Christianity

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As a YWAMer, it’s easy to get caught up in the adventures of life. Spend any amount of time with someone in, or who has been in, Youth With A Mission, and you’ll hear incredible stories. You may hear of a time a group hiked into a village in Nepal where no one had ever heard the name of Jesus, or a story about how they needed a certain amount for their missions trip and the money came in within hours of the deadline. It’s true that everyone loves to hear and  tell a good story. Perhaps this runs even deeper with my generation, the Millennials.

Each generation has a distinctive characteristic about it. It has been said that the Millennials can also be referred to as the Hero Generation. That is why I think the need for adventure is more prevalent in young people in general. Speaking from experience, I can say that there’s this passion ingrained in us to do something with our lives that makes a difference in the world, to live for something bigger than ourselves. That may be why it’s more common to see twenty-somethings nowadays wandering about. Older generations may look it and think it’s laziness or lack of ambition. Yet it is most likely a search for that one thing that will satisfy the hunger for greatness. The danger is that the hunger is insatiable.

Everyone was created for something bigger. We were all created to live for God’s narrative of redemption, to be a part of bringing about God’s kingdom to this earth. Since this story won’t see its end until the coming of Jesus, we will never be completely fulfilled until we are living on the new earth (Rev 21:1). It is detrimental to try to fill that desire while living on this earth. We end up living from adventure story to adventure story, forgetting the importance of how we live day to day.

As Christians, there is no moment when we cease to live inside God’s story of redemption. Whether we play an active role or not is up to us, and it doesn’t have to only be the times we are  partaking in a hobbit-like adventure. Our choice to live for something bigger is made every single day. The choice is made when we speak out of love and not anger, when we act kindly towards someone who belittles us, or when we withhold judgment from a person who is sinning. Each and every one of these seemingly small decisions are ways we represent Christ in a world that does not know Him. Somewhere along the way, the everyday walking out of a Christian’s faith has become apparently less valuable. How foolish! Most people that come into the family of God don’t do so after hearing a story of someone being healed or those tales we get so excited about sharing; it is those that have a person walking with them day by day, being a living representation of Jesus, that become saved. They see that living for Christ makes a difference in a person’s life every single day.

No one tells you that Christianity is a 70 to 80 year grind in becoming more kind, more gentle, more giving, more joyful, more patient, more lovingBeing more and more like Jesus is a million boring little things. No one ever tells you that when youre young.Richard Beck

To some it may seem boring. No one would ever use that as a sales pitch for Christianity. Maybe that’s the issue; we’ve been looking to sell our faith rather than live it out in an authentic way. The adventures are great, and it’s awesome to have exciting stories. Still, those should never diminish all the other moments that make up our lives. Satisfaction comes when we realize that every little thing we do can a greater purpose, each small task has the ability to make a difference.

by Natalia Barroso
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