What is it?

The 360 Experience is an 8-month YWAM (Youth With A Mission) internship that fuses a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with a cutting edge local church. Designed as a “Gap Year” program, 360 is a place to experience personal discipleship, gain a Global perspective, and sharpen Biblical Worldview. Students will be digging deeper into their faith in a classroom setting as well as serving within the many ministries of the local church. The 360 Experience is made up of 3 Phases and 4 Focus Points.

We Are an Extension of YWAM

The 360 experience is operated fully on the specification of a YWAM DTS and is held to the standard of the U of N (University of the Nations) guidelines for DTS. Being an extension of YWAM we believe in transformational discipleship. One way we accomplish this is through YWAM’s core values. We believe that every student should adopt these values as their own.

About YWAM