The Objectives

In conjunction with the mission and philosophy of the school, The 360 Experience expects certain outcomes to be demonstrated by its graduates. These foundational outcomes are explained further in the specific goals of each weekly course offered by 360. The combination of these program objectives for each student and the specific objectives for each weekly course provides a basis for assessing a student’s progress and 360’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission.

Graduating Students Will:

  • Show a commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Show the fruit of a Spirit-filled lifestyle and mindset.
  • Acknowledge the authority of Scripture in the way they live.
  • Demonstrate firm knowledge of Scripture and ability to apply its principles to life.
  • Exhibit a commitment to the Biblical mandate of evangelism and have the ability to share their faith.
  • Show evidence of a commitment to the Church and serving in it.
  • Have a sense of personal calling and mission for their lives.
  • Show an understanding and commitment to the YWAM values.