While many may not have heard the phrase, they probably know what the term gap-year means. When an individual decides to take a year away from furthering their education, or entering the workforce, typically between High School and College, this is known as a Gap-Year. The idea of a gap-year started back in the 1960’s with volunteers going to Ethiopia to serve those in need for an extended period of time. Gap year’s gained traction in Europe through the 70’s and remained a constant in the European lifestyle. So much of a lifestyle, in fact, that there is a huge market for gap-year programs. But the market is almost unheard of in the U.S. and we at The 360 Experience want to change that.

Why take a gap year program?


An excellent gap-year program, especially for those of us who work with The 360 Experience and Youth With A Mission, involves growth in identity, in character, in relationships with others, and in relationship with God. We believe that these things increase confidence in individuals ability to know what direction they want to go with their life no matter what type of vocation ministerial or not. The 360 Experience is leading the way in intentionally leading our Gap-Year individuals toward that kind of growth and confidence. Learning about yourself and our Lord in an intentional way is key to a successful gap year adventure. Take a gap year where you and your relationship with God are meant to grow purposefully!